Saturday, June 14, 2014

DIY: $7 Wreath

Easy Customizable Wreath For The House

I found the wood wreath at the dollar store ages ago and was waiting for the right place to put it. Right next to our front door seemed the perfect home for it! The materials are either from Michaels or the dollar store with a grand total cost of $7.00!

Items Needed:
  • Wood or foam wreath - Dollar store carries both for $1.00
  • Yarn in your choice color - Michaels on sale for $1.99
  • Twine - Dollar store for $1.00 (Also comes in green, yellow, tan, and blue)
  • Fake flowers - Dollar store (bought two different types for $2.00)
  • Ribbon - Dollar store $1.00
  • Glue gun

  1. Start by gluing the end of the yarn to the frame of the wreath
  2. Wrap yarn in a continuous direction making sure that no frame shows through. Keep it tight so it won't slack later (I did not cut my yarn off the original roll but instead wrapped the whole roll through it as I wasn't sure how much I would need)
  3. Continue wrapping until you're happy with how much frame is covered
  4.  Make sure to use hot glue in random places to give an extra hold to the frame
  5. When finished with the color yarn switch to twine to add a nice texture
  6. Continue using twine until entire frame is covered. Hot glue at random points to ensure it holds
  7. Set frame aside
  8. Pop off flower heads from the wire stem. Some may come off easily but you may need to cut some
  9. Use hot glue to secure flowers to frame in desired places (I mixed white and yellow opposite of the twine.
  10. Cut ribbon to length you want the frame to hang from
  11. Tie bow at top and hang on your wall or front porch for a cute summer look

Total out of pocket cost = $7.00

Glue beginning of string down

Wrap continuously making sure no frame shows through

Add in a bit of twine for a textured look

Pop the heads off of flowers and glue down in desired spots

Finished product! Use ribbon to hang on wall or leave as is!

These are quick and easy projects even the kids can get in on. They use simple materials all of which I had around the house minus the flowers. You can customize it in any way you want including:
  • Add a letter in the middle for a first or last name
  • Change out the colors for different seasons
  • Use any type of flower to match your decor
  • Use a thicker frame to create a fuller look
  • Use flowers or yarn all the way around for a different spin on this wreath

Stay Crafty!