Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wistful Weekend: Free Printable Recipe Cards

Large Recipe Cards

I love everything cooking but baking is my specialty. If you're like me you flag recipes or cut them out of magazines to try at some point but sometimes you change things after you make them.

I tried an apple fritter recipe a few weeks back (recipe here) but there were things I changed after I made them like time cooking, temperature of the oil, and size of the fritters. I needed a new place to write all this down so I started making my own recipe cards! You can customize them and make notes on the front or back if you ventured from the original recipe.

These are great for marking cook books and adding notes of your own to recipes you've tried without having to rewrite the entire recipe!

Click here for the free download of both recipe cards!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do It Yourself: Painted Acorns

How to Paint Acorns for Fall Decor

I was looking for an easy pretty decor to use on my buffet table. I liked all the fall things I had out but I wanted something else that was fall looking but brought some colors of my living room in as well! This project is great for kids or if you have a few hours while watching TV or waiting for something to bake :)

Items Needed:
  • Whole acorns from outside
  • Acrylic paint in the colors you want
  • Paint brushes
  • Vase to display acorns

  1. Separate acorns into even numbers depending on amount of colors you want.
  2. Start painting with one color. If you have whole acorns you can hold them by the stem while painting. Make sure to let dry before painting second coat or part you were holding.
  3. Let first color dry and start on second. 
  4. Continue until all acorns are painted to your liking.
  5. Place in colored layers in pretty jar or mix together for a fun fall combination!
Remember, if every single part of your acorns aren't painted you won't be able to tell in a big jar of them!

Great and practically free way to have some fall on your table! I added a candle on top of mine for some warm ambiance! If you have a tall vase a quick trick is to put a paper roll tube in the middle and fill acorns around the sides of it. It take less acorns to fill and you still get the desired effect!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Wedding Planning Quick Tips: When Disaster Strikes

How to Stay Calm and Problem Solve 

You can never predict when something might happen but being prepared for the worst will allow you to come out on top even when the unthinkable can happen.

"What's the worst thing that can happen" If there is ever a time to be superstitious it's right after you say that. When so many moving parts come into play for a very small amount of time i.e. your wedding day, asking for disaster is frowned upon! Here are a few tips and tricks to prepare for even the smallest of things.

Maid of Honor Emergency Bag/Box

Put her in charge of this project or incorporate it as a gift. This is how I asked my sister who was my MOH - the box was cute so she could reuse it and I included everything I could think of that we might need the day of. She brought it with her so I didn't have to think about it! The small things in this box might save the day!

   What to Include:
  • Band-Aids
  • Bottles of water
  • Chalk (to cover up any last minute smudges or smears on your wedding dress)
  • Clear nail polish
  • Corsage pins
  • Dental floss/or floss sticks
  • Excedrin (for any headaches)
  • Eye drops
  • Extra earring backs
  • Hair pins/bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • Hand towelettes
  • Hem tape
  • Lint roll brush
  • Lotion
  • Make up remover
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Mini deodorant
  • Mini toothbrush w/ toothpaste already included 
  • Mints
  • Mirror
  • Nail polish remover
  • Pony tail holder
  • Perfume (have her carry a bottle of the perfume you will be wearing all day)
  • Q-Tips
  • Safety pins
  • Scotch tape
  • Small folding scissors
  • Spot remover
  • Static-cling spray
  • Straws (so the bride can stay hydrated without messing up her lipstick)
  • Super glue 
  • Tampons
  • Tums (help settle nerves!)
  • Tissues
  • Tweezers
It seems like a lot but if you hit up the dollar store for the essentials or put in items you already have it won't add up that quick.

Things I have honest to God used in an emergency when a bridesmaid or on my own wedding day.

Band-Aids - blisters galore when wearing heels and standing for most of the day. I had to use them in every wedding I was in and also on my own poor feet the day of my wedding! These are super handy too if you have a ripped hem and no hem tape. Use a band-aid to attach the hem back in place - you won't see it under the dress!
Excedrin- you under estimate how tired you will feel by the time the ceremony rolls around. This gives you a kick of caffeine without bogging you down like an energy drink or coffee.
Bobby pins- we had a hair emergency in one wedding I was in. When the bride was hugging people while ushering them out of church someone got stuck on her veil and ripped out her hair style! Full force action and a thousand bobby pins put it back in place. DO NOT leave these at home!
Mini Sewing Kit- last summer I was MOH of my best friends wedding. 3 of the 6 girls bridesmaid dresses eyelets not only pulled out of the dress but were MIA completely. This meant the zipper had nothing holding it up. You can imagine what happened next. We were all in the bathroom and I happened to have a sewing kit in my emergency bag. I had to sew the girls into their dress so it wouldn't come undone again. This can wreck the night if your bridesmaid has to leave because she's having a wardrobe malfunction.
Mini deodorant- you forget how much you are probably letting off on your wedding day. Between church and reception and even dinner I would suggest reapplying. No one wants to hug a stinky bride! I had to apply probably 4 times through out the night!
Static Cling Spray- for some reason all of our bridesmaids dresses were sticking to everything. It was winter and no humidity so they also picked up every loose hair or piece of lint on the floor.  Having the spray on hand combined with a lint brush saved the night from having to constantly pull our dresses out of uncomfortable places!

Wedding Vendor is Late

Our caterer was 2 hours late for prep in the kitchens. TWO HOURS. With something like this.. put someone else in charge. Give them all the contact information a few days before and put them in touch with each other. My aunt and mother were in charge of the food and they didn't even tell me until after about the almost disaster. This saved me freaking out over something that was out of my hands. I would suggest doing this with every vendor you have. Put a family member you trust in charge of making sure they are where they are supposed to be!

Do your Research

Vendors who have a thousand positive reviews have them for a reason. Hiring Bob that your friend met once isn't the way to go. Hire people who are true tested and that have a back up system in case something goes wrong. The big important things like music, photographer, food, and flowers need to be reliable and known for their follow through.

A Vendor Forgot Something

Below is a picture that was captured at the exact moment I realized the hair flowers for my flower girls weren't delivered. Small insignificant detail to everyone else but it was something I had spent time and energy picking out that was going to be in their hair for photographs.

This is something every person will tell you. "Remember it's only one day. It's about your marriage. It's not going to matter after."

Yes, true. BUT you have spent countless hours hand picking details and thinking about every option down to the smallest element. So these small things are significant to YOU. Explain, "thank you, but this is important to me." That person will see that even though it's small that it matters.

In most cases if it's something small you can send a relative to go buy one quick. Here are things that are sometimes forgotten by vendors.

  • Cake topper - send someone to buy at Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or any common home goods store
  • Serve ware for cake or food- these can also be bought at any home goods store. 
  • Flowers- These should be delivered a few hours before. If there's a problem you can ask your florist to fix it or you can quick send someone to a craft store to get fake ones. People won't notice if they are fake I promise.
  • DJ forgets song: My DJ didn't have my dad/daughter dance. He promised he would but here's a way to make sure there are no problems - have a iPod with all your wedding songs on a playlist. Every DJ is able to play from an iPod and a quick hook up and click play will eliminate awkward down time while searching for a song. This is an easy way to keep your nerves down.
  • Wrong Menu- like above, have someone else check in with them a few hours before the wedding. This is a quick way to catch mistakes before they happen. 
  • Wrong number of desserts- These will also be set up before hand. You can always send someone to pick up a tray of cookies or treats. No one will know these weren't supposed to be there!
Forgetting things is not ideal but don't stress out. Put someone else in charge and you will find you will never know that something happened.

Drunk Wedding Party

This happens. No, this WILL happen. Have a non wedding party family member have a box of granola bars on hand to force feed to anyone who has had too much. Have that same person in charge of watching pre wedding drinking. No one likes a drunk groomsmen or bridesmaid while standing up in church.

Control it 

Talk to the Best Man the night before and let him know that you have something for the guys so to not over do it before the ceremony. Make sure he is responsible for this.

I did a gift for the groomsmen and Groom to have before the ceremony. A quick nip if you will to kill the nerves. I picked out 2 mini bottles for each of them to have at whatever time they wanted before the ceremony. I had my personal attendant deliver them a few hours before the ceremony. It was a total hit! The guys were super excited about it and it relieved a lot of nerves. They were able to laugh and enjoy the moment without thinking about the ceremony!

My groomsmen digging into the mini bottles

It controls how much they have and is a memorable and fun time for the guys.

Have a pitcher of mimosas for the girls too! My bridesmaids surprised me with them (juice with EXTRA pulp!) and it's a great and fun way to relax before walking down the aisle. A controlled amount is an acceptable amount!

Bad Weather

My wedding was in July and it was not only unseasonably cold (65 degrees...) but it was also raining! Roll with it. This is the one and only thing you will never have control over. Have someone use their phone for minute by minute updates on weather. If there's a break in the clouds, stop dancing or eating and run out for a few pictures! Your guests will understand and the party will go on without you there! 

The actual storm on our wedding day!

 You can always send someone to buy umbrellas if a storm pops up out of no where. These can actually make for fun pictures!

Above is the sky when we were scheduled to take pictures. The break behind it is when we snuck in some great photos! Thanks to our accommodating and talented photographer! Check out her page here!

A Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Passes Out

My sister and Maid of Honor went down in our ceremony. She got really hot out of no where and needed to sit down. Luckily, we were prepared for something like this. Leave a few bottles of water in the front pew of the church. If they have to sit down, they have something to wake them up and sip on. Also, leave a box of Kleenex if they are sweating from nerves or otherwise. Another good thing is to have a paper fan to cool them down. Usually it only lasts a minute and they can get back up for the rest of the ceremony. Go over with your bridesmaids and groomsmen what to do if it happens. Make sure the next person in line knows to fluff your dress or grab the rings from them if they are holding them! My Matron of Honor did a great job of taking my bouquet, grabbing the rings from my sister, and fluffing my dress when needed! 

Things happen! The only thing you can do is be prepared!

Disaster can be avoided but never foreseen!

Stay Crafty! 


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Washday Wednesday: Free Printable Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Lists Galore! 

If you're like me you only function if you have a checklist in hand. I've been looking for a really good deep clean list but couldn't find one I liked. So I wrote out all the things that need to be cleaned and divided them up into days. Somethings are everyday like wiping the counters and washing dishes but somethings only need to be done once a month like cleaning the baseboards or wiping down light fixtures.

Linked below I have a PDF of everyday of the week plus a month list of things that only need to be cleaned once in a while. It's free to use and print.

I hope you feel squeaky clean after using this list!

Comment if I forgot anything important!

Click here to download the weeks cleaning list for free!

Here are a few examples of cleaning days!

 Stay Crafty! And Clean!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do It Yourself: Free Kitchen Printables

Free Kitchen Themed Printables

I was looking at my kitchen walls and thought they needed something fresh! So I designed these with wonderful Julia Child quotes about food and eating! And I thought I would share them with you! Just click the link below each picture to download an 8x10 PDF - this will print with a white edge but if you cut the white off it will fit in a 8x10 frame of your choice!

 “Bon A Petiet"
-Julia Child

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Wedding Planning Quick Tips: The Unity Candle Debate + Other Options

When you start to plan out your ceremony one of the big things is always the unity candle. Some Cristian churches actually don't allow it since it's not found in the bible. This part of the ceremony where the unity candle has seemed to slip in was usually used for taking communion. Some churches still require communion but allow both.

Interesting fact: the unity candle doesn't fit into history. Actually, it's a newer concept. For some reason this caught fire (no pun intended) in recent years considering the history of marriage. Historians can't track an exact date or even century but it's thought to have been seen in various versions in many different cultures dating back to the Greeks. No writings, traditions, or biblical texts mention an actual candle being lit and therefore it being infused in every wedding in current history shows that it is a new tradition.


This is your and your soon to be husbands ceremony. You can choose if you want to do one or not. If you attend a church who will not allow it, there are many other ways to go about the same symbolism without the actual candle.

I'll be going through other options and some pros/cons of what you can include in your ceremony.

The Unity Candle

Symbolism: Joining two souls as one, joining two families into one, becoming husband and wife
Tradition: Two tall taper candles and one block candle - Mothers of the bride and groom usually together light the taper candles before the ceremony then in the middle of the ceremony when fit, the bride and groom light the block candle with the taper candles together
Why Do It: This ceremony usually holds symbolism to the mothers and also to your guests watching you join together as one. It can have great meaning to the bride and groom and be a special moment. It's also very common in wedding ceremonies performed in the United States
 Pros: It's quick and people usually expect some sort of unity candle and enjoy the meaningful moment. It's also a great shot for your photographer since both of you will be interacting.
Cons: If Cristian, it holds no biblical meaning. It can lead to disaster with an open flame and candle wax (I have personally attended a wedding where she dropped the candle on her dress). Also, if you have an outdoor wedding this may be hard to keep lit or keep the taper candles lit. It's very common and usually has a block of music to that part of the ceremony - you could end up standing in front of everyone while the song finishes. The actual candle lighting takes less than 30 seconds.

If you want a no headache and easy part of your ceremony this is for you. These are typical of a wedding ceremony and hold meaning to your family while letting them participate.

*Personal Opinion* I hate unity candles. I honestly don't see the lure to having that apart of the ceremony. I have no use for a half burnt candle that's going straight into a box to never see the light of day. My family seemed to want the unity candle ceremony but I had no interest in the awkward time after lighting while a song was going on, the potential situation to light my dress on fire (which I would totally do), or the symbolism of our life long marriage through a candle I bought at Michaels... not the ceremony for me. Luckily I found some other ideas - read on!

Sand Ceremony

Symbolism: Joining two hearts, becoming one man and wife
Tradition: Newer still - only in the recent years has this shown popularity. It is debatable through history but still holds similar symbolism to a unity candle. In recent use, there are two bottles one with different colored sand that the bride and groom pour into a larger vase together showing the combining of two colors or hearts.
Why Do It: This is a great way to still hold onto the "traditional" vibe that the unity candle holds while keeping it modern and personal
Cons: Like the candle, this has the potential to spill. Spilling sand however is not traumatic like wax - this can easily be swept away. Some family may expect or want the "traditional" theme of a unity candle. Also, you may still have the awkward time in between pouring the sand and moving forward with the ceremony if you choose to have music here. Another option would be to have the pastor tell a story about the two of you - perhaps how you met or another quick anecdote while you quickly pour your sand.
Pros:  This is also quick usually about 1 minute total. It's a different take on the customary feel of the unity candle. You can incorporate your wedding colors by choosing sand that matches from a craft store or you can use sand you took from a beach vacation together and dye it yourself (simple trick to dying sand - This also looks pretty on a shelf or mantle (not a half burned candle *cough*) and will be a great memento of your day!

This is low maintenance and an easy way to capture a moment for photographs. It's inexpensive and will be a nice long lasting token of your wedding day. 

Wine Ceremony 

Symbolism: Pouring yourself into one glass, becoming one person, bonding your life
Tradition: This is a very, very recent adaption to the unity candle but can be seen in earlier descriptions of ceremonies. Each the bride and groom have a glass filled with wine of their choice. They then pour both glasses it into a decanter, larger glass, or engraved cup and take a turn sipping from the glass.
Why Do It? It's a great take on the idea of bringing two people together. It's different which can be refreshing and is also very similar to a unity candle in time and ceremony. The mothers can pour the wine in the glasses if they want to be apart of it.
Cons: If you favor red wine... you can only guess. If you choose white it will leave less worry for spills. People may not like that it's alcohol in a wedding ceremony (so what!) but it's your choice if you feel you might offend someone
Pros: This is a great way to include something for just the two of you. You get to keep the glasses/decanter for a keepsake and use them on your anniversary. It's different but still has the same idea as the unity candle. It makes a great photo shot and breaks up the ceremony. Instead of music here, your pastor can explain the meaningful idea behind this!

Doing a wine ceremony is great because you can reuse the glasses, get the same bottle of wine for an anniversary, and do something off beat! People are breaking out of the standard mold for weddings and this is a great way to blend a new element.

Here's a sample of what a pastor would say for this ceremony:

Throughout history, in nearly all cultures and traditions, the sharing of a cup of wine has been used as a universal, central moment of sharing during significant moments. For many it symbolizes the celebration of the harvest, the changing seasons of life, or the ultimate personal sacrifice which others have made on our behalf.

Wine is, after all, the result of years of hard work, the tender care of the grape, a thoughtful mix of ingredients, the patient fermenting, and the unique flavors of each year.

So it is fitting that the couple take their first cup of wine as husband and wife, to not only celebrate all that has taken pace in their lives to this point, but as an expression of hope and faith in the harvest of their lives, the commitment they make, the sacrifice of all whom has made this moment possible.

Wine Box Ceremony 

This is what my husband and I did. It's far different than anything I had seen which I liked!

Symbolism: Storing your love for each other, maintaining life long love
Tradition: There isn't one for this. It's a recent idea that's gaining popularity within the last 4-5 years. The point of this is to have a box, specifically a wine box, a nice bottle of wine that can age well, and two love letters. The bride and groom write a letter together to be sealed in the box with the wine. They open the box on their 10th anniversary or if ever their marriage is in jeopardy, which ever comes first (rooting for 10 years!)
Why Do It? You still get a token from your wedding day that is beautiful and long lasting. There's serious sentimental meaning behind it because it's a letter to your soon to be husband and a bottle of wine to share on your anniversary!
Cons: Your family and guests may think it's curious when you explain it. If you don't have a pastor who has done one before you may want to google something for them to say about it so it comes out right. Also, if you're not familiar with storing wine you may want to do something else. You should have a cool place to store it and rotate the bottle every 4-6 months.
Pros: It's very sentimental and can be a beautiful piece from your wedding. It's not expensive and has a long lasting effect and remembrance vs. the one time use of a candle or drinking wine (if that's what you're looking for)

There are plenty of stories that can be told about the wine bottle, letters, and box! Our pastor talked about how special it is to focus on the long lasting marriage not the one day that is our wedding. It was very special and our guests and family enjoyed the different take on a traditional vibe!

Always check with your church or venue to make sure they are comfortable with you bringing alcohol into the building! You wouldn't want to get there that day and have a problem!

Other Ideas:
  • "Tying the Knot" Using a piece of rope you can create any sailors knot with the theme of tying your two lives together
  • Handfasting: Tying knots around each others hands with different rope or ribbon (this is actually a Celtic version of a wedding ceremony but it has made it's way over to the US) Click here for an explanation  
  • Heirloom Hourglass: It's similar to the sand ceremony however you pour the sand into an hourglass and seal it off. On every anniversary you turn the hourglass to further mix the different colored sand. Each time the colors blend together until you can't decipher between them just as you become one! Click here to check it out!  
  • Plant a tree: Have a small seedling and pour water together on it. Plant it in your backyard to enjoy forever! 
  • Salt Ceremony: This is a Christian tradition which uses the mixing of two small vases of salt into one vase then separating them again into the smaller vases. The tradition is if one could count the original grains of his vase their deal or union could be broken (errr it's impossible) Great ceremony! Click here for more information

Nix the idea all together! There's no rule saying you have to include something like this in your ceremony. It's used usually for sentimental reasons and for a keepsake from your wedding day. It's always up to you! Maybe you will have something new not listed!

Stay Crafty!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wistful Weekend: How to Caramel Apple Tea

Need Fall in a Cup That's NOT Pumpkin?

With everything flavored in pumpkin, pumpkin spice, roasted pumpkin, sweet pumpkin, cinnamon pumpkin..... it's a relief to have something else to warm up besides an explosion of pumpkin!

Things Needed:

  • Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea - Bought from Target for $2.99 20 bags
  • Caramel Coffee Syrup - Bought from Target for $2.49 for 12.7 oz
  • Handheld Frother - I bought mine from Gordman's for $3.99 they sell them at Target, Walmart, Crate & Barrel, or anywhere with kitchen supplies
  • 2/3 cup of milk
  • Tea Pot
  • Your favorite mug


  1. Start by brewing your tea to the strength of your liking - I prefer my tea strong so I usually do two bags and let it sit for 10 minutes
  2. Pour 1 Tablespoon of caramel in the bottom of the mug
  3. Fill cup 1/4 of the way with milk
  4. Use frother to mix well - Make sure to stop before foam forms from the milk
  5. Fill the rest of the mug with your already brewed Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea
  6. Top with a pinch of cinnamon 
  7. Enjoy on any cold day!

Stay Crafty! 


Friday, September 6, 2013

Wedding Planning Quick Tips: How to Choose a Theme

When you first get engaged there are three questions everyone will ask you.

What's your date?
What's your colors?
What's your theme?

It always seemed bizarre to me that everyone wanted to know my colors as if that would determine how the wedding would turn out. All three things are very important but you can't choose your colors until you've chosen a theme.

Here's why:

Let's say you attended a wedding that used blue and yellow as their theme. You loved it! It has nautical elements and the whole day was a beautiful memory. But your style is more romantic with soft colors and textures. A shocking yellow and royal blue may not go with what you ultimately want.

First things first:

Start by going through bridal magazines and flagging pictures that you like. Look at all the elements within the pictures you chose. What is a common idea? Are there specific colors within these pages that have caught your eye? How could you realistically recreate this look? 

You'd be surprised how your first instinct is what you actually end up going with!

Attend a Wedding Fair

These are built for inspiration. Try and attend one in the first few months of your engagement. Not only will you see thousands of ideas laid out, but you will also get a chance to meet some local vendors who could play a big part in your day. Even if you're not interested in hiring any of them you will still be able to get quotes to help with your budget or reset realistic goals after you talk prices.

Wedding fairs are where you bring the whole group with. Make it a day with the bridesmaids or with the Moms and grandmas. It's important to have support here because the day can get overwhelming with too much info thrown your way.

At the wedding fair, get something for you. This is the first jump into the wedding planning and it can be fun to bring something home you can actually use on your big day. May it be a piece of jewelry or a hanger for your dress, make sure to focus on yourself! This is all about you!

Click here to check out Personalized Hangers by Chelsea. I used her for my own wedding and the photographs turned out so great with my future last name! She's the type of vendor you can find at a wedding fair who is selling product on the spot. Make sure to stop and get something pretty for you! 

Meg Ann Photography

Here's an example of the hanger I got! It photographs so well with the dress hanging! These are great for bridesmaids, MoB, MoG, Grandmas, flower girls, and don't forget YOU!

Choose a Wedding Website

There are a few great choices and resources within a wedding website. These are the three I had the best luck with:

These support sites aren't just for building your personal wedding page! All three have inspirations pages, articles helping with questions, forums with other brides, tons of information, local vendor reviews from other brides, thousands of pictures, links, and more!

I chose project wedding (I honestly signed up for all three) to use for my actual site because of the RSVP tracker. I used the bride's forum more than anything. Any questions you have you can post and get an unbiased response from other women who are in the midst of planning their wedding. 

This is where you will find your theme. 

You can sift through endless albums of REAL weddings that were planned an executed by REAL brides! The magazines are great but you can't always afford the 10 tier chocolate cake with pearls and fireworks coming out of the top. This is where you can look to and ask brides how they did it, what the price was, and where they got things!

This is a tried and true resource so make sure to use it!


Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

It's easy for your wedding party and your family to be excited about your wedding. With so many ideas flowing it's hard to make sure YOU have the final say. 

I had my heart set on a certain centerpiece that I was going to hand make. It was going to be spray painted tree branches in vases with white rock. Simple enough right? When I told my family about the idea no one liked it. And because of that, I didn't do it. I am so sad after that I let their opinions affect what I really wanted to see on my wedding day.

Make sure to take their advise but ultimately it's your decision. If your idea means that much to you stand up and say, "thank you for your opinion but this is what I want for my wedding day. It's something I've thought about and I really have my heart set on it." End of discussion.

Your family is all well meaning but it doesn't mean they are allowed to be mean about it. If you find a theme you really enjoy and your heart keeps going back to it then choose that theme!

Go With Your Gut

You will know when you keep going back to a certain theme or idea that this is what you would like. You will probably have a good idea of colors that will go along with it based off of pictures you've seen. Always go with what you're drawn too! 

There are tons of themes that can work for any personality so make sure it matches yours not an opinionated encore!

You Can Change Your Mind 

Let me say that again. 


Nothing is set in stone at any point in this planning process! Keep receipts on everything that way if you find something you like better you can always return those items! You are always going to be inspired by something you see and there's no law saying you can't change it!

Click here for theme inspirations from The Knot

Click here for great ideas from Project Wedding

Click here for real weddings and bride's stories from Wedding Wire
Stay Crafty and Happy Planning!