Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Washday Wednesday: Free Printable Household Labels

Labeling Makes Life Easier

With autumn approaching I wanted to get everything organized before the snow hits (Noooooooo!)
I find that bins and boxes are the easiest way to keep everything in one spot without over crowding a space. You can stack them for larger spaces or store them in unreachable spots.

Kitchen Labels

The easiest way to organize after you have things in bins is to label them! Chalkboard labels are all the rage but there are some things you can't paint on or you don't want to. I have found chalkboard labels in sticker form but they had quite a price tag to match. These are easy and you can print them at home.

I made two different printable sizes. The templates will print exactly with no need to move anything. You can find the blank labels at:

250 2x4 Mailing Labels from OfficeMax for $12.79
750 1x2-5/8 Address Labels from OfficeMax for $10.99

These are a fun way to spice up any jar, box, bin, or container! These are printed on everyday mailing labels which usually come off of surfaces pretty easily.

For the larger kitchen food labels you are able to cut around the black or leave the white and place the entire sticker onto your container. Both have a great effect!

Click Here for Kitchen Labels

Click Here for Household Labels

Household Labels
Stay Crafty! And Happy Labeling!


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