Friday, February 20, 2015

Quotes Worth Pinning

Quotes for Pinterest

I'm feeling less than inspired on this snowy and cold February afternoon. I was in search of quotes to get me moving and decided to make some new Pinterest worthy quotes and pictures that will hopefully inspire you too! All pictures are ones I have taken myself from Florida to the mountains in Colorado. Yours to pin away!

Stay Crafty!

- Rina

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

30 Days to a Flawlessly Clean Life

Deep Clean Your House in Time for Spring!

Inspired yet?

When the snow starts to melt there's something that clicks in us to clean and organize. I blame the negative temperatures we've endured for the last 7 months! The best thing you can do is to put on your favorite music, break out the rubber gloves, and get to work. In the next 30 days you'll clean every square inch of your house. Instead of trying to cram it into a weekend and feel stressed or upset you didn't finish, let this list guide you to tackle one project at time. It will have you cleaning things you have put off for months or maybe years.

When you have guests over is there a place you hide things that would otherwise sit out? Do you have a random closet or drawer that things seem to find their way to? Do you ever feel the need to throw everything away but instead put it all in boxes in the basement?

Yeah, me too. If you follow this list you'll get rid of that clutter and the years of "what if I need it" items too. Trust me, you'll be happy when it's over!

Here's an example of day 1 and 2 if you're not sold on cleaning your life out top to bottom. You start with your purse - it's not scary (well mine is) and you move up to your car. Two things you use every day that probably see the most wear and tear and yet they are easy to let clutter sneak into.

Move forward to tackling some of the most cluttered spaces - Just do one room at a time and the transformation will be incredible!

You'll start to see your house shine and you'll feel more relaxed in a clean and orderly home too. The details make all the difference!

Print this list out and check off the boxes once you've finished a day. It will feel amazing when it's done and hopefully you'll cut out chaos from your life. Look to spring and the warm weather ahead!

Stay Clean and Crafty!