Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snowman Poop Project

The first of many projects! 

This is an easy and quick project that would be good for stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts for Christmas, funny things to hand around the office, or something to give your loved one :)

"I heard that you've been naughty
So here's the inside scoop...
All you get for Christmas
Is this bag of Snowman Poop!!!"

Items needed:
  • Snack zip lock baggie - Dollar Store sells them 50 bags for 1.00$
  • Bag of mini marshmallows -  Dollar Store 12 oz for 1.00$
  • Printer
  • White Card stock
  • Stapler  
  • Scissors  

  1. Print out the template (Includes two per page). You can use regular printing paper but white cardstock holds its shape better.
    (Here is the link to the printable template for the Snowman Poop)!forum/crafts-and-chaos
  2. Cut the templates out and fold sheets in half on the printed line.
  3.  Fill zip lock baggies with mini marshmallows about 10 mallows will do. Make sure to zip the baggies tight!
  4. Take one of the cut out templates and place the top of the baggie in between the paper leaving enough room to see the marshmallows at the bottom.
  5. Staple the paper to the baggie on the lower left and lower right corners.
  6. You are finished! Hand out as gag gifts or stick some where unexpected for family and friends!

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