Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do It Yourself: Wedding Card Book

How To Make a Book Out of Wedding or Shower Cards

Items Needed:
  • Paper for the cover of your book
  • White foam board - You can find this at the dollar store
  • Binder Hooks - Office Max 3.99 Pack of 9
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Cards from wedding, bridal shower, birthday, or any other occasion 
  1. Take your largest card and lay it onto the foam board. Leave at least a half inch around each side then mark with a pencil where to cut
  2. Use a scissors to cut out the bottom board. Then cut out a second board in the same size
  3. Use your cut out board as a stencil for your paper. Depending on the size of your board you can wrap the paper around the back or cut it out to fit exactly to the front. I used the same paper on the outside of both boards
  4. Glue paper onto boards - you can add any touch of flare to your cover!
  5. Punch holes into boards using a double punch. If you only have a 3 hole punch you line the card up right so only two holes catch. If you only have a hand held punch measure out each card so that the holes are even and in line with the previous one
  6. Punch holes in all of your cards - make sure they are even and in the same spot as your cover boards
  7. Feed one binder clip through the cover board. Then all the cards - make sure they line up with the correct punch hole. Clasp the binder clip then do the same thing through the other punch hole with the remaining loose cards.
  8. Display your book!


Choose your paper for the cover

Line up card to foam board leaving 1/2 inch around the edges

Cut your front and back boards and paper to the same size

Punch holes in cards making sure they're in the same spot

Feed binder clips through boards and cards making sure they line up

Enjoy you new book!

This is a great way to hold onto all those cards you have in a shoebox! I had a ton of cards from all my bridal showers and of course our wedding which are now all in their own bound books on our bookshelf! 

I later added a picture from that day to the cover of each book so I could remember which shower they were from. This is a good way to keep track of birthday cards too! The possibilities are endless!

Stay Crafty!


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