Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No Sew Pillow Cover | 45 Seconds

Easy Pillow Upgrade in Under a Minute 

I had these gray/green/olive shade pillows from my previous apartment and the color (which seemed to mysteriously change in different light) didn't go with our new furniture.

This project is ridiculously simple and gets those extra scraps of fabric out of your craft stash. I admit I have a problem collecting fabric remnants so coming up with a new pattern wasn't a problem.

Things Needed:

  •  Old Pillows in need of some TLC 
  • 1 Single cut yard of fabric per pillow


  1. Lay pillow in center of fabric (Make sure the fabric pattern is face down)
  2. Fold in the fabric to the center of pillow making sure the fabric lines up and there are no wrinkles
  3. Fold ends on each side so they come to an even point 
  4. Fold ends onto pillow making sure the folds are crisp and smooth
  5. Tie a knot 
  6. Tuck ends behind knot on pillow
  7. *Option* If you have kids who like to throw pillows around (or at each other) you may want to use a safety pin to secure the back of the knot to the pillow. Make sure it's hidden from view! 

    Simple as that!

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