Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Getting back to normal.

Hello, hello!

Uffda it has been a while! In the wake of my wedding and purchasing our first home, I have finally had time to come back to my blog. Getting married was wonderful but my brilliant idea to hand make most of the wedding was not. Sprinkled in I will show you a few of my wedding decor projects and how I not only created them but how I mass produced them. I've learned in our 16 month engagement that you can't put anything off that you have your heart set on.

My best advice to anyone whether you're doing a project for your home or if it's something for your wedding is to finish what you start. I can tell you that those are the most satisfying. The best ideas you have being finished and tangible.

Check back every few days for tips, projects, and how-to creations.

Stay Crafty!


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