Friday, August 16, 2013

The Easiest Candle Makeover Ever

Happy Friday!

I had a few pillar candles hanging around the house and I thought I would do a quick revamp! Hardly any time and it adds a simple fix to a boring candle!

Things Needed:  
  • Pillar Candles - Can be any size or color
  • Yarn - You'll need about a yard per candle
  • Beads - for end of yarn 
  1. Cut 1 yard of yarn per candle
  2. Start wrapping yarn around center of candle. You'll want to leave about 6 inches on the one end and start wrapping the yarn around the base while keeping the 6 inch section straight to the top of the candle.
  3. Once you've wrapped the yarn all the way around the candle tie a knot at the top where the bow will go.
  4. Tie beads to end of yarn - cut extra yarn off ends of beads
  5. Tie bow with beads hanging at different levels
  6. Easiest 2 minutes of your life. You're able to do this to any plain candles around the house! 
Start with yarn in the middle of candle

Wrap string with both ends at the top

Tie on beads to the ends

Add to table or bookcase!

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