Monday, August 19, 2013

Wedding Planning Quick Tips - Just Engaged

Combating an Overly Excited Battalion 

How to appease question happy family and friends when you tell them about your engagement

When you first get engaged it's overwhelming in an instant. Everyone wants to know your exact decisions that first day.

What's your date?
What are your colors?
Are you going to have a dancing pony?

And then they want to tell you about a wedding disaster they encountered. "I had a friend who dropped her entire dinner plate on her dress! It was a catastrophe!"

Fantastic. Because in your happy afterglow that's what you want to hear.

You need to put up a defense against these well meaning relatives and friends.

Simply reply, "I'm not sure of our plans yet but thank you for your interest. When I know I'll share some details." Give them a smile and move onto someone else.

Family, while laced with good intentions, usually has a way of ruining good moments by the much feared smothering effect.

Step Away

Take a moment with just your new fiance and yourself to enjoy your happy news. Although your family just found out, it's still new for you too. Soak in your happiness and marvel at your amazing future together.

Remember to Smile

It can be surprising how stressful sharing the happiest moment of your life could be. Remember everyone is there for the two of you (even though cousin Amanda is driving you nuts comparing her wedding to your unplanned future affair). This moment isn't just yours now. Everyone will want to be apart of your day. Keep that smile up!

Make Sure to Thank Everyone

With the tidal wave of hugs, kisses, and tears it's hard to remember to say thank yous. In your excitement make sure everyone knows you want to include them too. The mothers always need reassurance that they will have a hand in your big day no matter how far away that may be.

And finally,


Make a date with your new fiance (eeek!) to get dinner and talk about anything else than the wedding. Make sure to keep your relationship and the wedding separate. The planning will soon take over your life and it is extraordinarily important to keep a balance between your social life and organizing your planning schedule.

Make a date for yourself as well. You just got engaged! Celebrate! Get a much needed massage. Go get that nice pair of shoes you've been drooling over. Treat yourself to an ice cream. This time is about you and your happiness. Keep the happiness afloat while you go into planning mode.

Savor everything.


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