Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Washday Wednesday: Printable Goal List

 Easy Way to Organize Your Life!

If you're like me than you have lists for everything! This year especially the lists seemed to triple! Between planning a wedding, getting married, shopping for a house, then buying our first home, having a major career change, and bringing my now husband home from the Marines... lists have been my best friend! 

I'll explain how I use this template at home and at work. It's a very simple way to keep your thoughts organized, to-dos in check, and helps motivate you as well!

Things Needed:
  •  First, click below to print your free "To-Do-List"
Click Here for To Do List Template
  • Pad of sticky notes - bright colors always make chores more fun!
  • If available - laminating sheets/laminator 
  1. Pick what your to-do list will be for (My example is chores)
  2. Write out on sticky notes the 5 things you want to get done either that day/week
  3. Simply place sticky notes on the squares
  4. Hang list some where visible as motivation to finish your tasks
  5. When finished with a chore/job peal the sticky off and you'll see beneath "Done!"
  6. Either replace with a new task or wait until the sheet is cleared to fill it back up again!
I have one I use in my office for daily tasks as a reminder of what I have to finish. I also have a chore one at home that's less urgent but is still a good visual for household jobs!

An easy way is to hang your list on a clip board - you can find colorful ones at the dollar store!

Here's my current list!
Stay Crafty! (And organized!)


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