Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Washday Wednesday: Household Secrets

Quick Way to Save Closet Space 

Scarf Organizer  


If you're like me then you have way too many accessories that take up space in your bedroom, closet, or bathroom. Here's a quick and practically free way to save a little space.

I counted how many scarves I own. 16. Not winter ones that have practical uses, but ones that look good with one or two outfits. Sixteen! I decided it was time to get those out of the box under my bed so I would get some more use out of them!

Items Needed:

  • Round shower hooks - You can find these at Target or even the Dollar Store
  • A sturdy hanger - I recommend a thick plastic one or a wooden hanger


  1. Simply clip all the shower curtain hooks around the hanger
  2. Feed Scarves through the loops until hanging even on each side
  3. Hang inside closet or use a 3M adhesive wall hook to display scarves inside a closet wall for a  better visual!
This is a simple way to eliminate a box in the closet and also keeps them organized and neat. It's easy to forget about them when they're tucked away! Here you can easily choose your statement scarf!

Feed scarf through shower hooks for extra space!

I love how much room this frees up in my closet! Check back for more household secrets and tips!

Stay Crafty!


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